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Centre for Tick-borne Diseases
Dr. András Lakos

Our centre is specialized in clinical and laboratory evaluation of infections transmitted by ticks. We are especially experienced in Lyme borreliosis
and TIBOLA (tick-borne lymphadenopathy).
You have to ask for an appointment by phone:
+36 30 9619134

Our laboratory is the only equipped for the isolation
of Lyme disease agent, Borrelia burgdorferi in Hungary.
In average, 6000 Western blot tests are performed in
our lab each year.

Most probably, this is the highest figure in Hungary. Western blot technique is the most reliable method in Lyme diagnostic, and we improved the specificity to 99% using thousands of controls to set up the cut-off levels. This method was introduced in our lab in 1996, first time in Hungary.

We developed a new method for diagnosing neuroborreliosis (the neurological complication of Lyme disease). It seems to be the most reliable technique in this field, and probably this is the only appropriate for serological follow up (See the PDF file: Lakos A, Ferenczi E, Komoly S, Granström M: Different B-cell populations are responsible for the peripheral and intrathecal antibody production in neuroborreliosis. Int Immunol. 2005 Dec;17(12):1631-7).

In Hungary, our laboratory is the only one testing rickettsial infections routinely. We are especially experienced in the field of the newly recognised tick transmitted rickettsiosis (TIBOLA: tick-borne lymphadenopathy).

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Our prices

Lyme (Borrelia)
Western blot test:
(per blood test)
25 000 Ft
without blood test:
12 000 Ft
against tick-borne encephalitis (Encepur):
10 000 Ft
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Source: Dr. Zati Vatansever (Ankara, Turkey)